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Visiting Visa in UK

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Visiting Visa in UK

A visiting visa lets you visit the UK as a standard visitor for business, tourism, a student (limited to 6months) and for other permitted activities. Getting a visiting visa to the UK involves many documentations and processes that you need to clear properly. we provide you with everything you need beacause we are the best uk agency in kochi.

Other eligibility requirements for getting your visiting visa to the UK include – a document to show that you will leave the UK at the end of your specified visit.
You should be able to financially support yourself/the dependents on your visit to UK and for the onward and return journey. Finding a person who will financially support you with these payments can also do the job. 
So to know more about what all you need to get your visiting visa to the UK, talk to our experts at the best UK agency in Kochi. 

NOW, Lets check the steps of visa process

1.Fill out the application form online.
2.Make a time for a meeting.
3.Determine whether you qualify for a tourist visa.
4.assemble the necessary papers.
5.Take part in the interview.


Due to the pandemic, there might be some changes in the 2022 intake. But with the best UK study abroad agency in Kochi by your side, your abroad study will be a smooth and hassle free experience. Our experts at Eden Overseas will get you all the news and updates by which you can clarify every query and study in one of the best universities in UK. Talk to our experts to know more about the COVID 19 updates.

Visiting Visa in UK