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Want to study in the UK?

Find the best UK study consultants in Kochi

As the first step of your journey, you need to do is find one of the best study abroad consultants in Kochi which helps students with their higher education abroad. The right agency can lessen your burden and help you get through the process.

Visit Eden Overseas, One of the best UK study education consultants in Kochi to solve your queries!

The United Kingdom has some of the world’s most ancient and internationally acclaimed universities, making it a most desirable study destination globally. Most of the universities offer exceptional scholarships, students can pursue their studies in the UK while securing funding for their academic needs.

Course entry requirement in the UK 

     For Indian students in the 12th standard, aiming to pursue education in the UK requires a minimum of 50% in their academics, then a student will become eligible to apply for universities in the UK. On the other hand, Indian aspirants generally need to qualify for the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) test. with our right guidance any candidate can clear the IELTS test, Eden Overseas – is one of the best UK study education consultants in Kochi.

Things you need to know
  • The UK is the international education hub for more than 100 years
  • The UK has easy visa rules for international students
  • There are quite a number of courses in the UK.
  • They provide free health insurance for all students.
  • The UK is the country that has the highest standards of living.
  • UK has the best postgraduate and undergraduate courses and classes are of short duration.
  • Without IELTS option is also available.
  • Affordable tuition fees in the UK
  • Post-study employment is available in the UK
  • Two Years stay back is possible after the program
  • The UK is a financially strong and stable country
Admission procedures

    The majority of program intakes are offered in September and January. On the other hand, the months of March, April, and May offer additional, less frequent, intakes. We will handle the application process on your behalf and submit it to the respective university. Once the university issues the offer letter, you will need to undergo a medical examination to meet the necessary requirements. Following the medical examination, you will be required to demonstrate your financial capability in order to obtain the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) letter. Then just wait for the visa to come and you can fly to the UK. Admission seekers are encouraged to consult with our counselors to obtain detailed information about the programs. Eden Overseas – one of the best UK study education consultants in Kochi. And we help you with the application details till you get there.

Scholarship opportunities?

    UK universities usually offer a scholarship for qualified Indian students, this will help them to cover some part of their study expenses. After finishing the program they can get work placements from the universities. If you have any worries about course duration or admission procedures, Eden Overseas, the best UK study education consultants in Kochi will help you.

Education system of the UK

    The UK education system includes colleges, universities, and a higher educational system. Let’s together clear all your doubts and barriers, Eden Overseas, the best UK study education consultants in Kochi.

Work rights of students

    A 2-year post-study work visa is available for students who complete their studies and they can change that to a skilled work visa after finding a job that meets the skill requirement domains.

The academic year in the UK usually starts in September or October, and applications can be made directly to universities or through UCAS.

Admission formalities include submitting academic transcripts, language proficiency test scores, and personal statements.

Basic eligibility requirements for undergraduate studies in the UK include completing high school with good grades and meeting language proficiency requirements. For graduate studies, a bachelor's degree with good grades and language proficiency is typically required.

There are various scholarships available for international students studying in the UK, such as the Chevening Scholarship and the Commonwealth Scholarship.

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