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Student Visa

Student Visa

When it comes to taking ownership of developing your career, learning from others is vitally important. That’s why mentoring and career conversations have such an important role to play. We give emphasis to your priorities and guide you keeping your ambitions in mind. We provide personalized and professional career counselling to the students which will help them to choose their perfect course and the university. We have an array of certified and experienced counsellors who are always available to provide the best career counselling for students. Our counselling will be based on our understanding on the existing laws, educational systems, and job market. At Eden, with over 20 years of expertise in the overseas education consultant sector, we help the students to make the right decision and ensure them to choose the best career path.

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Course and University Selection Application Process Interview Preparation Visa Processing Financial Aid Travel Assistance Pre Departure Briefing Post Arrival Assistance

Our education experts understand the significance of choosing the right course and university. As a leading study abroad consultant in Kerala, we maintain a steady communication with the top universities across the globe and that helps us updated about diverse courses and programmes they offer. We’re always able to keep students up to speed with the latest updates. Our education consultants have a long flawless track record of helping students select the right course and university. As one of the most experienced education consultants in the country, we know how to offer the right recommendation based on students’ exact needs and capabilities. The representatives in prestigious universities and transparency in operation make us the most prominent study abroad consultants in India.

Applying to overseas universities is not just about filling an application form. It is a crucial decision and involves a lot of planning and research.

We thoroughly analyze and verify each application sent to us to avoid any formal hurdles in securing your admission in universities. By offering comprehensive guidance for students at application and admission stages, we perform all the legwork for students.  Students should set aside ample time for this stage since it is extremely crucial. Our team of experienced professionals look over your application and other documents to confirm their accuracy. Every university has different application requirements, deadlines and a range of credentials.

From admission procedure to document process and university selection, our team is always available to give students the care they deserve. We are equipped to assist students with important aspects of the application that guarantees they are admitted into the best university. Our counsellors inform and update students on the feedback received from the university regarding their application and its current status. We strictly adhere to the guidelines and requirements of the university that guarantees higher success and quick response.

Interviews are an important component of the admission process.

Therefore, all efforts are made to prepare prospective international students, through a number of sessions conducted by professionals with vast experience in interview processes and techniques. The practice is the key to appear calm and collected at interviews. While a few minutes may just not be enough to showcase all your skills, experience, affiliations and ethics, the answers that you provide in the interview do count, as every detail is noted. With practice, you will definitely be able to answer some of the most common questions asked at the interview. Students must remember that most questions tend to be open-ended as you will be allowed to speak elaborately about past experiences. The floor is thrown open for you to provide direction to your speech, which, of course, should be free of unnecessary tangents.

We have skilled immigration advisers on staff who can help students with their visa applications and ensure that the process goes well for them. Our ability to maintain a high success rate for visa processing stems from our specialist knowledge in fields like immigration law and foreign travel regulations. Our team assists students with various aspects in the visa application process, assisting them from filling out the application to preparing financial statements and other documents that comply with the standards for visas set by the particular nation. We provide convenient Visa consultations that are highly customized, for students, getting thorough visa documentation advice can mean the world.


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We provide complete guidance on Educational Loans & assistance in a quick & easy manner. We have a list of Nationalized Banks offering Loans at reasonable rates & we also have tie-ups with well-known Private Banks & Financial Institutions. We also help you with the entire procedure, starting from application, to required documentation, eligibility criteria and selection of banks.

Most students find the idea of living in a foreign place by themselves to be somewhat frightening. It's crucial that students who wish to study abroad obtain the appropriate travel help. Students will be kept at ease as they navigate the foreign landscapes of international travel thanks to the assistance. At Eden, we always put our time and effort into ensuring that students travel to their destination without stress or danger. From student flight tickets to airport pickup and travel help to get you to your stay close to the institution, we manage it all. We want to provide students with full support so that their trip from their nation of origin to a foreign country is secure and pleasurable.

Keep original documents and a photocopy along with you while travelling to the UK.

  • Original passport
  • Visa copy
  • BRP letter – Letter along with your visa
  • CAS letter
  • All academic documents (original)
  • Medical certificate
  • COVID Vaccine Certificate
  • Flight ticket
  • Reference letter if given for offer letter
  • Experience letter, if any
  • IELTS score card, if used for gaining offer letter
  • Online Registration Details (Online Class attending Proof)
  • Fee Paid TT Copy (Swift Copy)


For students, the notion of transferring to a new nation is frequently terrifying. Our pre-departure sessions are made to assist students in getting ready for all the unknowns and cultural difficulties that they will face abroad. To ensure that students are prepared for every scenario, we hold meticulously planned pre-departure courses. We go to great pains to address all the worries and dispel ambiguities during the pre-departure session, to which we extend an invitation to the students' parents. To ensure that students are always ready to handle whatever the outside world of education throws at them, our education specialists advocate taking all the required precautions. Giving students the appropriate guidance will ensure that they never experience any sense of being lost along the way. Our advisors at Eden will provide in-depth coaching to help students become familiar with the customs and culture of their selected nation.

Once they are on the plane, our relationship with the students doesn't come to an end. All students at Eden receive post-arrival care to help them feel at home in a foreign country. Airport pickup, lodging assistance, insurance, account setup, insurance, sim card acquisition, and travel card reservations are all part of our services. Our former students who are currently enrolled in other universities will help the students. They assist people in acclimating to a new way of life and culture. Those who successfully complete their course will receive aid with post-study work permits and P.R. advice.

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