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Students who have successfully completed an undergraduate degree, can enroll for Master’s programs in the UK. Typically, post graduate courses in UK last for just one year, compared to two-year programs normally found everywhere else in the world. Students can save time and money and get into their careers more quickly with a post graduate degree from the UK. It is highly regarded everywhere in the world, and is a great opportunity to be a part of a thriving multicultural community.

A post-graduate from UK can benefit you by:

  • Improving your career and income earning opportunities
  • Giving you a highly coveted and internationally recognized qualification
  • Allowing you to adjust your study schedule (flexible course options are available)

The Higher Education Statistics Agency conducted a study which revealed that 86 per cent of students who completed a Postgraduate Masters in the UK were employed full-time, compared to just 75 per cent of bachelor’s degree holders

Types of Masters degree

Taught Masters Research Masters

MA or Master of Arts, MSc or Master of Science, MEng or Master of Engineering, and MBA- Master of Business Administration are the taught Master's programs, which last for 2 years. Students need to attend lectures, tutorials and seminars, and exams may be held, just like undergrad courses. Projects are also undertaken, and students may also have to submit dissertations

In this type of Mister's degrees, students are expected to be responsible for their schedule and work, and are required to submit a thesis under the guidance of an academic supervisor. Research degrees typically include Master of Science (MSc Master philosophy (MPhil) and Master of Research (MRes).

Cost of Master’s Degree Education

International students can expect to pay around £14,620 for a post graduate degree; tuition fees depend on the type of Masters you are applying for, and your location in the UK. However, pursuing a post graduate degree in the UK is a less expensive option than USA for international students.

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