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What is a Foundation course?

This is met for international students who have completed only 12 years of education in another country and are looking to enroll in a degree course in the UK. Such students are required to complete a foundation course at a college or university in the UK. The duration is 1 year, and it’s a preparation for overseas students to prepare academically and to prove their English proficiency Without this course, they cannot apply for admission into an undergraduate course in the UK.

This is primarily aimed at students who finish high school in a different curriculum, but want to pursue higher education in the UK. The course is a bridge between the current qualification of the student and the entry requirements specified for undergrad courses in the UK. It also familiarizes the student with life in the UK and with its culture and heritage, so that they are well prepared for University.

A post-graduate from UK can benefit you by:

  • Improving your career and income earning opportunities
  • Giving you a highly coveted and internationally recognized qualification
  • Allowing you to adjust your study schedule (flexible course options are available)

The Higher Education Statistics Agency conducted a study which revealed that 86 per cent of students who completed a Postgraduate Masters in the UK were employed full-time, compared to just 75 per cent of bachelor’s degree holders

Foundation Courses

The courses can be in preparation for a number of subjects like law, art, design, engineering, finance, business, management, science, medicine, social sciences, humanities, pharmacology, and so on.

Some institutions offering the courses have tie-ups with Universities and guarantee admissions to students who achieve the requisite grades in the foundation courses. Usually the course is conducted on campus with students having full access to libraries, lab equipment and sports facilities

Foundation Course Requirements

Overseas students are expected to have a minimum score of 4.5 on IELTS, with a minimum of 4.0 in every element. We can help you for the IELTS exam so that you pass with a good score. Documents you need additionally for the foundation course:


  • Higher Secondary School Certificate
  • All transcripts
  • Reference letter from your high school teacher and principal (2)
  • Personal statement
  • Copy of passport and visa

Pre-Masters Course

This course is designed for international students whose English is not of the requisite standard, and need to hone their skills in presentation and academic writing before they enroll for a masters degree. Pre-master’s courses help to fully prepare international students for study at post graduate level. The courses can range from ten weeks to a whole year and crate a foundation for successful postgraduate study

  • You will need to take a Pre-Masters if Your undergraduate degree (including grades) does not meet the academic entry requirements of your master’s degree
  • You have to improve your usage of English
  • You need to improve your skills in research, study and presentation

Pre-Masters entry requirements

You need to have successfully completed an undergraduate degree from a recognized institution. you need a minimum score of 5.5 on your IELTS for a 2 semester Pre-master’s course.

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