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It is the time of year when thousands of Indian students prepare to study in universities abroad. This year, the United Kingdom has emerged as a top choice for Indian students seeking higher education, with a large increase in the number of Indian students travelling there. According to official numbers from the British High Commission in India, about 108,000 student visas for Indian citizens were issued in the fiscal year ending March 2022, nearly double (+93 percent) the amount issued the previous year.
While the epidemic and travel restrictions have impacted thousands of Indian students wanting to study in the UK and other countries since the summer of 2020, the situation is gradually returning to normal this year.
While travelling overseas, students continued with their study plans to enrol in their dream institutions, which was particularly encouraging given the amount of pandemic-related challenges that students and educational systems throughout the world experienced during the first month. However, the number of Indian students enrolling at UK institutions to complete their studies plans was unaffected. There was some uncertainty up until the start of the vaccination programmes. Majority of the indian students keep choosing UK for their stuidies and to build their career. Therefore, You can contact us for following doubts and enquiries

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